Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

If you have not selected an electricity supplier, request a supply offer at [email protected]. You can do the same if you have selected a supplier, but with a non-binding contract, or if the contract you have signed has termination clauses that have been fulfilled. In doing so, the legal deadlines for signing the contract and defining the beginning of the supply should be respected.

In addition to supplying, RES also buys electricity from producers. To receive a redemption offer, contact [email protected]

RES shows its flexibility in the duration of contracts for the supply or purchase of electricity, and the contracts can be from 1 month to 24 months.

At this moment, RES provides some of its customers with electricity from renewable sources, and for that amount of energy, which must be at least 35% of the total planned consumption, it guarantees the price of electricity during the contractual period. However, since the amount of energy from renewable sources is limited at the moment and depends a lot on natural resources, not all contracts are concluded according to this principle.

For any question related to the supply or purchase of electricity, please contact [email protected]

Renewable Energy Supply is your best choice for all services related to electricity trade. For our customers, we offer the best and most diverse packages for the supply and/or purchase of electricity.