General conditions

The general conditions of electricity supply contracts for small consumers and households are an integral part of the Electricity Supply Contract and they regulate the rights and obligations between the Supplier and the Consumer of electricity.

The electricity supply agreement is transparent, regulates the rights and obligations of the electricity supplier and the electricity consumer and is in accordance with the Energy Law, the Electricity Market Rules and the Electricity Supply Rules. The supply contract is concluded in writing and
The consumer has the obligation to deliver the signed contract to the supplier.

– The supply contract is concluded for a fixed period of time, depending on the submitted and accepted supply offer, and ends with the expiration of the period for which it was concluded.
– The supplier will issue an invoice to the consumer for the consumed electricity according to the reported state of the metering point, during the entire period of electricity supply.
– The calculation period will be one month. The prepared invoice for delivered electricity is delivered electronically and by mail. The consumer undertakes to pay the invoice within the term determined in accordance with the concluded Electricity Supply Agreement. In case of late payment of the invoice by the Consumer, the Supplier has the right to charge legal penalty interest.
– If for any reason the consumer did not receive an invoice for the accounting period, he is obliged to request a copy of it and is not released from the obligation to pay.

– The supplier has the right to stop the delivery of electricity in case of non-payment of electricity supply invoices. The consumer is obliged to inform the supplier about changes in the dynamics of electricity consumption in conditions of unwanted breakdowns and malfunctions, planned overhauls and planned reductions in consumption due to collective annual vacations and holidays.
– The prices are formed according to the current prices on the stock exchanges in the region, to which additional costs (transmission capacity, balancing, etc.) and a percentage of earnings are added.
– Among the benefits available to the consumer are the free change of meter user, consumption analysis and recommendation for saving electricity.

The consumer who regularly pays the monthly invoices enjoys the benefits from the supplier in terms of the price with which he will be supplied when concluding an annual contract. The consumer who signed a contract for the construction of a power plant for his own needs, has the privilege to have the excess energy purchased by our company, without submitting nominations. The purchase price of electricity produced by a photovoltaic plant is established based on market criteria.
– Quality parameters of the services provided by the supplier:
1. Timeliness in delivery of invoices
2. Undertaking procedures upon request and objections of the consumer in relation to electricity invoices
3. The supplier provides expert and technical support and free advice to consumers for exercising their rights to achieve the prescribed and agreed quality of electricity supply, the conditions with their
obligations under the contract, as well as for the exercise of their rights prescribed by the Law on Energy and the network rules for transmission, i.e. distribution of electricity and the contract for connection to the network.
– The electrical energy supplied to the consumer will be measured by the operator of the electrical distribution system and the same will deliver the readings of the measuring devices to the supplier.
– The announcement of electricity consumption to the market operator on behalf of the Consumer, without compensation, is made by the Supplier. Costs for balancing the Consumer’s consumption will be fully covered by the Supplier and
The consumer will not bear any additional costs for balancing his consumption.
– The Supplier will join the Consumer in its balance group without compensation.
– Tariffs for Organization of the Electricity Market (OPEE) and compensation for delivered electricity from preferential producers (PPEE) are established by the Regulatory Commission for Energy of the Republic of Macedonia, i.e. the Electricity Market Operator

– The contracting parties are obliged to inform each other in writing about the changes or situations that may have an impact on the fulfillment of the agreed obligations. These include change of ownership and requests to change supplier. The contracting parties are obliged to inform each other in writing about the changes in the method of payment, the address for delivery of invoices and the change in the measurement place within 15 days of the change.

– The supplier is obliged to give it in writing notify the consumer of the intention to terminate the electricity supply contract by explaining the reasons for termination, the measures and actions that the consumer should take to prevent termination within a period not shorter than 15 days for their undertaking, consequences of the termination as and the possibility of changing supplier.
– The contract can be terminated according to the Electricity Supply Rules and if any of the contracting parties submits a letter of termination 30 (thirty) days before the desired date of termination;
– Based on a joint written consent from both contracting parties;
– Unilaterally at the request of the Consumer with a written letter delivered no later than 30 (thirty) days before the desired date of termination
– With a written notification from the Supplier with a notice period of 30 (thirty) days, in cases where the Consumer is in arrears with respect to his payment obligations according to the Agreement.
– The supplier is obliged to notify the consumer in writing of the intention to terminate the supply contract and the possibility of changing the supplier with an explanation of the reasons for termination, the measures and actions that the consumer should take to avoid termination, within the period of their acquisition not shorter than 15 (fifteen) days.
– If the consumer terminates the contract before the expiry of the period of validity of the contract, through no fault of the supplier, the supplier will calculate compensation in the amount of 5% of the previously achieved average monthly consumption during the period of validity of the contract, multiplied by the number of months that remained unrealized from the agreed period at a price determined and agreed upon in the contract, unless otherwise defined in the contract.
– The Consumer has the right to compensation from the Supplier if the supplier’s commercial services are of lower quality than the standard determined by the Electricity Supply Rules. If the consumer suffers damage due to the poor quality of the network services, then when the responsibility of the distribution system operator is established, the supplier will provide legal assistance in a procedure for compensation of damage to the consumer before the competent authorities or a court. For mutual communication, the contracting parties use the contact data and addresses specified in the supply contract.

Attached is the contact information for the supplier RENJUVABAL ENERGY SUPPLY RES DOO Skopje:

Address: Bulevar “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” no. 30, Skopje
Mail: [email protected]


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