The company is headed by prof. Dr. Kocho Angjushev, Yuri Bogomilov Katanov and Aleksandar Petreski. The founders of RES are the companies Central Invest from the Republic of North Macedonia and Toki from the Republic of Bulgaria, which are leaders in the production of electricity from renewable sources on the Macedonian and Bulgarian markets.

Central Invest

Central Invest is a group owned by Prof. Dr. Kocho Angjushev and his family. Kocho Angjushev is one of the largest investors in Macedonia in the field of electricity production from ecologically renewable sources. Through the companies that are owned by him, as well as in partnership with other investors, he currently has a portfolio of 25 small hydroelectric power plants with an installed capacity of close to 24 MW, an investment in a biogas power plant of 2MW, as well as a photovoltaic plant of 8MW.


Toki is a fast-growing company specializing in the supply of electricity from renewable sources and a market integrator of this type of electricity producers in Bulgaria. This company is the owner of the most modern digital electricity supply platform on the Bulgarian market and an integrator of a significant part of the electricity produced in Bulgaria from renewable sources (water, sun, wind and biogas). Toki is a member of the Renalfa group in the dominant ownership of Ivo Prokopiev, which is active in investments in renewable energy sources and e-mobilities. Renalfa has completed installed photovoltaic projects of over 6,000 MW for other investors and for its own needs in Europe and the Middle East, making it one of the leading European companies in photovoltaic installation and maintenance.

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